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The lovely team at Raw Gorilla sent me over a box of all 5 of their all natural breakfast blends to try so I’m gonna give you a full look into what I thought, where to get it and how I enjoyed eating it!


So why a gorilla? These folks can dub their name sake to our primal pals because they simply want to follow the eating habits of a gorilla! Gorillas are happy and healthy and that is how they think humans should eat and feel. All these products are vegan, paleo, gluten free, raw and organic! No added ANYTHING, all sugars are naturally occurring and everything is unprocessed and unrefined! 100% natural (and of course it comes in 100% recyclable packaging) its a RAWvelution!


I’m gonna start with my favourite of the 5! The Cacao Crunchies! The delicious little dessert-esque clusters are just as good for nibbling on alone for a snack as served up for a full breakfast meal, a hearty mixture of raw cacao nibs, coconut, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, dates and buckwheat seeds. I always take a little snack pot of nuts and berries to work and now I add a few of these too, its really curbed the cravings for something more naughty!



I loved all of them but the Rawberry Crispies was another fave, I was always big fan of those more mainstream cereals with the dried strawberries until I saw the nutrition chart (WHOA) but these are just as tasty and packed with goodness as opposed to refined sugars! This one is a mix of strawberries, lucuma, pecans, sunflower seeds and coconut chips. I enjoyed it particularly with strawberry yoghurt.



The Cacao Crispies were a winner of a 2016 Great Taste Award and team some of the familiar flavours from the Cacao Crunchies (my fave) with ctivated buckwheat seeds, cacao, lucuma, coconut chips, dates and raw almonds. This one definitely has more coconut in and has that more tropical flavour that a decent portion of coconut punches in. It has a nice chewy trail mix texture and is lovely served with natural yoghurt.



Mighty Muesli- Keto Breakfast is a good one too- with the Keto Diet becoming more and more popular to have something which emulates a ‘bowl of cereal’ type meal can be challenging. Coming in at just 2.8G of carbs per 35G you can enjoy keto diet or not guilt free! This protein rich blend contains sunflower, pumpkin, chia & flax seeds, tossed with coconut, cacao Nibs and cashew nuts. I enjoyed this one eaten with yoghurt, almond milk or in a smoothie bowl.



Then lastly the Original Crispies- tigernuts, maca, figs, sunflower seeds and buckwheat seeds. This one you can definitely taste the maca and without all those big flavour ingredients like the others i liked this one eaten like an actual cereal just over milk in the morning and it definitely energized me and kept me going until lunchtime!




So all in all a pretty positive review?! Coming in at over £5 a box Raw Gorilla is something that I would love to always have on the go but couldn’t afford to eat every single day. A box isn’t huge at 250g but you do need much smaller portions than with a normal cereal. Having it to add to other breakfasts like smoothie bowls and yoghurt pots makes it go a long way and certainly makes the usual things more interesting! Heres a few of mine!



If you do fancy giving it a try you can shop HERE I do definitely recommend the Cacao Crunchies! Trust me you’ll have your hand in the box nibbling on those clusters when you fancy a treat!


Has anyone else tried these products? Great concept, great message and great taste! It’s a thumbs up from me!


Thanks for reading,

H x


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