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London Luxury on a budget- Eating and drinking

When going to London there are many different places to go and see and sometimes it can be a real struggle to not end up in a chain or a tourist trap if you aren’t familiar with whats going on around you. The struggle is also real when wanting to live the lifestyle of your… Continue reading London Luxury on a budget- Eating and drinking

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The Omni Diet

So after a starting the year so well and shedding like half a stone really quickly from being bang on it with the meal prep and doing classes like every other day minimum it all went a bit wayward as my social calendar started to fill and in came the burgers and booze and buffets!… Continue reading The Omni Diet

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So I treated myself to the red carpet favourite ‘Youthmud’ tingle exfoliate mask by Glam Glow. I heard that the celebs swear by the little jar of magic as their secret weapon to flawless looking skin when they are due in a red carpet situation and needed to give it a go myself. If Jen A,… Continue reading || PRODUCT REVIEW || GLAM GLOW- YOUTHMUD

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Getting Into the Beauty Industry

Well friends I have intact not disappeared off the face of the planet I got myself a new job as the Retail Manager for MAC Cosmetics and given the time of year I landed myself slap bang in the middle of the silly season so have either been working hard or sleeping since my last… Continue reading Getting Into the Beauty Industry

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Jive Kitchen opening! Mexican Street food in Norwich

I went to the opening night of Jive Kitchen last week. It’s gone into the old spot that was Le Bistro on the corner of exchange street which is a top notch location with a nice view over the iconic Norwich marketplace. Mexican food and generally anything edible with a kick of spice is right… Continue reading Jive Kitchen opening! Mexican Street food in Norwich

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My bedroom makeover <3

I am absolutely buzzing to redecorate my bedroom and I’m loving the rose gold and blush decor with cool whites and grey! Below is some inspiration rooms from pintrest and a selection of things that I want to buy from Ikea (images 3, 7 11), Maison Du Monde (images 1,5,9,10,12,15,18)  and Dunelm Mill (images 14 and 17)  There is gonna be some… Continue reading My bedroom makeover ❤


Jimini’s edible insects! Bon Appetit!

So my latest post is a slightly different subject matter to what I usually write about but when I started to talking on twitter to Jimini’s (twitter: @jiminisFood) I thought ‘Hey, I’ll try anything’ For some time now I’ve been aware that eating insects has been very popular and a standard element of the menu… Continue reading Jimini’s edible insects! Bon Appetit!