Girly East Anglia Staycation

In the current climate when travelling is so uncertain and loaded with potential issues staying a little closer to home has been the best option.

Whenever I get time off work I always want to get as far away from home as possible (usually by plane) and that leaves lots of places super close to home left unvisited!

Being a bit of bargain hunter and with so many businesses offering great deals at the moment to entice customers back in, I managed to plan a luxury, jam packed itinerary for some great prices!

We started our adventure in Cambridge on Tuesday! Cambridge- stunning architecture, great shops, lovely food, punting, history, museums and culture! There’s a lot to offer!

We parked at The Grand Arcade which until the end of October is £1 per hour! So super cheap in the shopping heart of Cambridge for the whole day! The Grand Arcade is such a lovely, modern shopping centre with a huge selection of shops. We were really lucky to have picked a gorgeous sunny day so walking around was so pleasant. Outside you’ll find the market square which has daily market from 10am-4pm selling a huge range of goods and food and then arts and crafts on Sundays!

Coffee is always a must when you’ve had a little road trip and I had read and heard endless rave reviews about Bould Brothers Coffee! These guys now have 2 locations in Cambridge due to their success and I can vouch it is bloody nice coffee AND the team are REALLY nice! Great to see them using Strangers coffee which is local to Norwich.


Cambridge is hugely famous for punting; punting is a guided river tour of Cambridge by water, you can do it in groups, privately or have a go at chauffeuring the punt yourself! We went with the AMAZING Let’s Go Punting who kindly gifted me the experience for my first time with my mum! We had a shared punt which is divided by clear Perspex screens to keep people distanced safely with new Covid measures. I absolutely loved the experience, being on the water is so tranquil, the knowledgeable chauffeurs regale you with facts and information about your surroundings on the tours, all whilst your eyes feast on the backdrop of architectural grandeur of the iconic colleges. You glide under historic bridges, surrounded by wildlife and absorb all the beauty Cambridge has to offer. I can’t wait to visit again when it’s chilly and wrap up warm with a hot drink and see the colours of a new season. This experience was so special with my mum but would be great for a date or a group trip (up to 6) and I saw lots of doggies enjoying the punting on my travels too!

As a real foodie I always do my research of where I’m going to eat when I go away. I don’t like to visit chains and want to know we won’t be disappointed (yes I  am a control freak), after a few recommendations I decided on Six which is located on the sixth floor of the very trendy Varsity Hotel and Spa and to my delight when I booked on their website they had extended the Eat Out To Help Out concept and offered 50% off food up to £10 per person! We requested an outside table which is on an a terrace with panoramic views over the rooftops of Cambridge and hanging colourful flowers overhead as you look up to the sky, there is also a retractable cover to protect when required from the elements so your experience is never interrupted!

They have such a gorgeous bar in this restaurant and a huge range of gin and cocktails that I would love to sample but I didn’t because my mum was driving and I didn’t wanna be an annoying drunk on the way to Newmarket!

There is a truly varied menu with something for everyone, we shared the scallop and smoked salmon starters then I had baked cod and mum went for the king prawn and chorizo skewers, we each had a soft drink and an alcoholic drink and after discount the bill was £73.50.

On the very top floor there is another large roof terrace space with a bar where you can soak up the sun or wrap up under the stars. I would definitely love to stay here!

Our day in Cambridge had come to an end so we hopped in the car and took the journey down to Bedford Lodge Hotel and Spa in Newmarket. We booked their ‘Gourmet Getaway’ offer, which for £220 which included room, usage of the leisure centre (not the spa which is separate), £30 per head towards an evening meal in the award-winning Squires restaurant, a bottle of house red or white wine and breakfast the following morning.

It’s a beautiful and impressive venue with lots of racing memorabilia around to earmark its location and history. The hotel public areas are well maintained and very clean and so was our room. We booked a twin room and due to Covid restrictions it was still nice to see the inclusion of robes, Molton Brown toiletries and lovely tea and coffee facilities as I know some places have decided to remove these amenities for safety but I feel that would definitely have impacted the feel of the stay (please note if you want to use leisure facilities you need to take towels from the room and the showers are not open). The weather was just lovely so we went and sat outside for some drinks and the atmosphere was great as there was lots of people and a lovely buzz!


We had wine, champagne and cocktails and just had a giggle until our meal in the restaurant. I carried on my fishy theme and had a prawn cocktail and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, the food was really lovely and the restaurant has a modern décor with dimmed ambient lighting which creates a nice mood. We finished the evening off with an espresso martini outside before hitting the hay.

Go to sleep full and wake up for more food, that’s what it’s all about right?

These days there is almost an awkwardness to know what’s what and in a hotel with a continental and cooked breakfast option its a bit like “Ooooh, what am I allowed?” So, I’m sure this will be the situation in most places, the continental options are available to order and you can have as many as you choose- like a buffet, then you have the cooked breakfast option of which you choose one. It was a lovely breakfast. Great coffee, my fave oat milk too! They have a signature green ‘Bedford Lodge Smoothie’ which was fresh and contained wheatgrass for a pick me up. We shared some Baron Bigod cheese and ham charcuterie off the ‘continental’ menu and I had the Bedford Lodge Full English and mum went for the sourdough toast with avocado and poached eggs. Breakfast was exceptional as was the service and it’s always a pleasure to see a venue sourcing as many local ingredients as possible.

The spa at Bedford Lodge is in a separate building to the main hotel and unfortunately is not open Mondays and Tuesdays so we couldn’t use it but we did go and have a look around before heading off on Wednesday morning. This is a PROPER spa, finished to an extremely high standard, lovely main areas in the hydro pool, an extensive treatment list, a lovely seating area where you can enjoy light bites and beverages and the staff were so welcoming and accommodating despite only looking around. They open evenings too for twilight deals so if this sounds up your street have a look at their offering here.

The ‘Gourmet Getaway’ deal is only on for September but do keep a look out as given the world at the moment; businesses are definitely having to adapt with deals for a new clientele.

From Newmarket we moved onto Bury St Edmunds, Bury is a short and simple drive from Newmarket and is a beautiful town rich in history with a lovely shopping centre.

We parked at Ram’s Meadow which set us back only £2.30 for the whole day in a large open air car park so one to remember if you plan a visit.

We headed straight from there to the beautiful Abbey Gardens ‘the abbey was once one of the richest and most powerful Benedictine monasteries in England. Its remains are extensive and include the complete 14th century Great Gate and Norman Tower, as well as the impressive ruins and altered west front of the immense church.

The relics of the martyred Anglo-Saxon king St Edmund, whose remains were moved to this site in 903, and his shrine became a place of pilgrimage. The abbey itself was founded in 1020 and grew in power and wealth up until its suppression in 1539.’

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an archaeologist so ruins are always a huge treat for me! The gardens are kept immaculate by volunteers and they were in the process of changing over to the winter plants!

Even after a long walk we were still full from breakfast so we tried to get as many steps in as possible before our lunch which was booked for 2 at the gorgeous Angel. We explored the grounds of the cathedral and found a nature reserve walk with lovely little goats! We then headed to The Arc shopping centre and rummaged through the sales and got some bargains then on the way down to lunch we hit every charity shop too!  I managed to get a lush black Hugo Boss blazer for £9.99! The Angel is a hotel and has a bar and restaurant and is a stunning and huge ivy covered building in the heart of Bury. The Angel are still extending their Eat Out to Help Out too for September which was a bonus when booking but we were still so full we couldn’t manage a full meal which also meant no Lottie’s waffles after either!! The restaurant is just stunning though, I adore the decor with different touches of modern art and the colour palette in this room. We just had soft drinks and shared a lovely antipasti board for 2 which was just enough! The perfect end to a lovely 2 days!

The Style Show

Hey readers! It’s been a while! I’ve been really active on Instagram but not so much on the site so apologies for the break but I’m here, I’m back and I’ve got just the post to share to end this hiatus!

Several weeks ago I was invited to an evening at The Style Show in Eaton, Norwich. The Style Show is a a boutique where you can shop but it’s not just your regular clothes store! The lovely team in store are qualified stylists and can really give you some incredible, styling recommendations and advice!

That’s not all! They are also available to book in for full colour and shape analysis which you can do privately, off the shop floor. Chrissie the owner did a mini session on the evening to give us a taster of the kind of info that they share and how it works and what is involved in determining what suits you best.

With the colour analysis, I particularly love that the team will not say to you “you can’t wear ***”, if you really want to wear a colour that isn’t on your palette, they will advise you how to style it and make it work for you! Working in beauty, I see a lot of ladies who are told they can’t wear a certain colour and it almost puts them in a box which they are afraid to deviate from but Chrissie and the team won’t do that.

For example, I am ‘light/cool with a touch bit of bright’ so neutrals like camels and beiges are not on my palette, however I have a beige blazer which was my mums and is vintage Cerruti and to make it work they advised colour blocking with a black top to break away from the camel and add a statement lip which is from my palette to lift it and it works!

With the shape analysis they really teach you how to make clothes work with your shape and discuss length, cut, style, accessorizing, how to accentuate and minimize too, its extremely fascinating!


Clothing wise in the boutique they have some lovely items, age range they say would be 30+ but for any of my younger readers (and even me too as at 31 still trying to dress like I’m 21) if the clothes aren’t your style the specialist and detailed advice will cater for everyone who wants to take their fashion knowledge and ability to enhance their own personal style. I would highly recommend a visit. I know it’s certainly made me think very differently and look at things in a new way! It’s so so interesting!!

Thanks so much to the team for inviting me, educating me, opening my eyes and for the lovely goody bag too!!

Head over to their instagram here and check it out and give them a follow!

Thanks for reading all!


I’m back! Hx

Taking Care in the Sun

Going on holiday and lucky summer heat waves are the best thing ever but the sun is no joke! When you are young without a care in the world it’s so easy to think that you’re invincible and nothing will ever affect you but as someone who is only 30 and was a serious goth for about 10 years so avoided the sun and showing any flesh I still have managed some pretty bad sun damage on my face when I have always thought I have been pretty careful. Working in beauty for almost ten years has given me the fortunate advantage to really understand the importance of sun protection, how it works and what to look for in your products. There’s so many misunderstandings so I’m here to share some easy facts to follow, along with the products that I have grabbed for my upcoming holiday in Mexico! The sun is definitely there to be enjoyed and using some caution, good products and being aware can ensure a beautiful tan and lower risk of sun damage, burning and worst case scenario skin cancer. 

  • First fact- you can not top up an SPF, the highest one takes president and that’s regardless of if it is on top, bottom or alone. So- if you wear an SPF 10 and then put on an SPF 20 you will still have an SPF 20 protection not SPF 30 (SPF10 + 20). Similarly if you have on an SPF 20 then put on top and SPF 10 even though the SPF 10 is on top you’ll still have an SPF 20 protection. Highest number wins.
  • You can still be harmed by the sun through clothing, glass and water. These will all filter and offer some protection from UVA and UVB rays but not completely so you may want to still consider an SPF is exposed for prolonged periods of time. 
  • ‘I tan easily therefore I don’t need an SPF’- wrong tanning is still the sun damaging your skin although it may not be burning it is still exposed to the harmful rays of the sun with no protection. 
  • ‘I wear foundation so I don’t need to protect my face’ – wrong- foundation although providing coverage will not protect you from the suns UVA and UVB rays, wear an SPF under your makeup if you want to wear makeup in the sun

So my advice when looking for skincare products, look for the products with the 5 star protection or PA+++ protection, these are a generally the highest broad spectrum protection and filter the UVA and UVB rays. The easiest way to understand and remember what these rays do is UVA = Aging, UVB = Burning.

I really can’t afford to spend a lot of money on sun cream and I don’t think its necessary if the protection is right, of course on holiday having a nice tan is lovely but safety for the skin is really important too. From my research Asda’s own range came out extremely highly rated and affordable too. I went to the store and grabbed myself a selection of products for me and partner to use on holiday! For the great price of £16 I got everything we’ll need on holiday which I’ll share with you!


For the Face

Having products specifically designed for the face can be really helpful to work in harmony with your skin, I always opt for a facial protection as I am prone to breakouts and they tend to be less greasy!

SPF 50 anti-aging Q10 face protect- 5 star protection, dermatalogically tested and UVB tested! £2.50

SPF 50 Lip balm (the only product not from ASDA, £1 from Primark- if you’ve never experienced burnt lips thank me later, it’s the worst thing ever)

For the Body

SPF 50 refreshing clear sun spray £2.39

SPF 30 cooling clear sun mist £3.50

SPF 10 sun oil £2.39

All these products are water resistant, 5 star protection- even the low SPF oil which is really good as these products often don’t have that, UVB tested, dermatologically tested and I think the most 

For After 

There’s nothing more satisfying when your skin has that tight post sun feel to slap on some cooling after sun, but which do you choose? Aloe vera to soothe and cool or tan prolonger to be an even more bronzed goddess? For 2 quid each I went for both!

After sun spray with Aloe Vera £2.00

After sun lotion with tan prolonger £2.00

So all in all it looks like a really promising range! Price- good, reviews- good, product stats- good! Once Im back from my holiday I will update you all on how they worked!

On top of using sun protection products other essentials for staying safe in the sun is obviously staying extremely hydrated, particularly if you are drinking in the sun too and using something to shade your face and head like a good hat or visor. Like I mentioned before the rays of the sun can still harm through clothing and hats. My recommendation for a good hat would be to take a visit over to Wallaroo Hats– they have an amazing selection of UPF 50+ fabric hats which blocks 97.5% of UV Rays, they are approved and recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation, many are scrunchable and packable and the do mens, women’s, child and baby so you can protect the whole family! Protecting your head in the sun can also help prevent the utterly unpleasant sun stroke too on top of all the other sun damaging elements I have already touched on! Here’s a few of my favourites from Wallaroo Hats! 


Gorgeous aren’t they! Nearly all of the products come in different colours so there is something for everyone! Head over to their website here to find your next holiday hat!


Thanks so much for reading! I hope I have helped prevent some lobster burnt days on the beach and can help you enjoy some lovely summer days with great tans!

Bon voyage!

H x

Getting a BOB! 8 reasons why you should!

So I’m guessing you’re reading this because you’re considering getting your hair cut into a bob? It’s a big decision isn’t it, especially if you have adorned long locks for some time!

I have to say cutting my hair short was the best choice I have made in some time! Please let me share with you why!

1. My hair is the healthiest is ever been- cutting out all of that dead weight and regular trims to keep it blunt just keeps it super good condition and it looks it good condition.

2. Washing my hair is no longer a 2 hour job! I used to have to schedule this is on a day off or a night in and now it a quick and easy task and drying time is literally cut in half!

3. It’s great for the gym and swimming- less hair = more manageable for the fitness fanatic amongst us. No excuse’s about getting your hair wet or getting sweating when a wash and dry is now a half an hour job! You can do it every day if you need to (this was an excuse of mine, I’ve gone to the gym loads more now I don’t have to deal with that chore! Goodbye wobbly thighs)

4. Earrings look epic! The bigger the better with a razor sharp bob! (My personal faves are the H&M tassels but the selection is endless ATM)


5. I just feel like all of my outfits now have more of an edge that my hair is in an actual style, it’s like the best accessory to really set off certain looks!

6. It’s very flattering around the face and can really help to make your face look thinner! Hello cheekbones!

7. It’s very very on trend so if you’re considering it don’t ponder too long! Do it whilst it’s hot! All my fave girl crushes look great in a bob so why can’t you too?


8. It looks fab straight and curly and is quick and easy to style! I’m yet to master beach waves in my hair but I LOVE that look!


I hope I’ve been a help in making your decision! Let me know if you go for it and please SEND PICS 🙂

Thanks for reading!

All my love H x



How To Keep Your Wardrobe Up To Date Without Bankrupting Yourself

  1. My golden rule– if something new comes in, something old goes out. This is the best way to keep organised, save space and get some dollar towards your next purchase by selling the old item on eBay or Depop (or whatever your preferred selling platform is) I know if I haven’t worn something in like 6 months (or sometimes ever) it’s time to go

2. Be patient– if you love something in a shop and think it’s a bit steep take a photo and do some research when you get home. Can you find a discount code online? Do they do student discount and you have a buddy that can hook you up on NUS or Unidays? Failing that on eBay for factory seconds- this works a lot for me with Topshop. Also look second hand, even if something is new in a store someone somewhere has bought it, worn it and selling it. Just be patient and search the selling sites. I nearly always find what I’m looking for.

3. Know exactly what you’re looking for– if you’re buying online and you have an item in mind don’t give up after one search. Just because you describe something one way doesn’t mean that the person potentially selling your dream item does. You may call it a shirt but do they call it a Blouse, a top, a tee? You call it leopard print do they call it cheetah or animal? You get what I’m saying. Be meticulous with it and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

4. Know when the sales are and don’t be shy to ask– if you want something and it’s super pricey and seasonal the chances are it will get reduced. Sales assistants are so helpful in letting you know when sale starts and if you save the code you can try snag the second it goes live online from the comfort of your sofa if you don’t fancy challenging the sales crowds. I managed to save £305 on my Mulberry Delphie just by having a chat with the staff.

5. Don’t be afraid to haggle– buying vintage or online from eBay/ depop etc- i.e not from a chain shop- don’t be afraid to ask them to lower the price. Trust me when you sell the hagglers come out so you gotta do it back! Drop a message and stare your ideal price, if you have had your eyes on something and it’s not gone if you’re asking a reasonable price you’ll be bound to strike a deal. If it’s something way in demand and sold out in stores then you probably can’t haggle as the seller is savvy and looking to mark up due to the mass need.

6. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket– be prepared to splash for some things but go budget elsewhere. You’ll get much more for your money if you don’t try to shop solely designer or even totally Topshop as it gets pricey very quickly and lets face it we all have responsibilities. A combo of different stores, a little designer, a little vintage, a little high street, a little discount and a little second hand is the perfect combo to guarantee a unique look which will be fresh, tailored to you and won’t break the bank!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope these tips help! Do you have any top tips?

Happy shopping!

H x