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Hey readers! It’s been a while! I’ve been really active on Instagram but not so much on the site so apologies for the break but I’m here, I’m back and I’ve got just the post to share to end this hiatus!

Several weeks ago I was invited to an evening at The Style Show in Eaton, Norwich. The Style Show is a a boutique where you can shop but it’s not just your regular clothes store! The lovely team in store are qualified stylists and can really give you some incredible, styling recommendations and advice!

That’s not all! They are also available to book in for full colour and shape analysis which you can do privately, off the shop floor. Chrissie the owner did a mini session on the evening to give us a taster of the kind of info that they share and how it works and what is involved in determining what suits you best.

With the colour analysis, I particularly love that the team will not say to you “you can’t wear ***”, if you really want to wear a colour that isn’t on your palette, they will advise you how to style it and make it work for you! Working in beauty, I see a lot of ladies who are told they can’t wear a certain colour and it almost puts them in a box which they are afraid to deviate from but Chrissie and the team won’t do that.

For example, I am ‘light/cool with a touch bit of bright’ so neutrals like camels and beiges are not on my palette, however I have a beige blazer which was my mums and is vintage Cerruti and to make it work they advised colour blocking with a black top to break away from the camel and add a statement lip which is from my palette to lift it and it works!

With the shape analysis they really teach you how to make clothes work with your shape and discuss length, cut, style, accessorizing, how to accentuate and minimize too, its extremely fascinating!


Clothing wise in the boutique they have some lovely items, age range they say would be 30+ but for any of my younger readers (and even me too as at 31 still trying to dress like I’m 21) if the clothes aren’t your style the specialist and detailed advice will cater for everyone who wants to take their fashion knowledge and ability to enhance their own personal style. I would highly recommend a visit. I know it’s certainly made me think very differently and look at things in a new way! It’s so so interesting!!

Thanks so much to the team for inviting me, educating me, opening my eyes and for the lovely goody bag too!!

Head over to their instagram here and check it out and give them a follow!

Thanks for reading all!


I’m back! Hx


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