10 things about Secrets The Vine that you won’t know until you get there

  1. They are super environmentally aware, they encourage people to not use straws but the straws which they do have are biodegradable. They also advise people on the impact of washing their bed linen and towels daily and encourage not to do this.
  2. Every single restaurant has a full vegan menu! 
  3. All of their toiletries and cruelty free and have the leaping bunny logo 
  4. When you order room service for 2 during normal hours (i.e not late night dining) they bring your food up on a table which you can sit at! There’s also the option to have breakfast in your room and the same goes for this so you can eat on the balcony! I saw load of photos of people eating on their balcony on instagram and we had a junior suite so I thought we should have all bells and whistles and this is what I was seeing! 
  5. I read quite a few posts enquiring on whether to tip in pesos or USD and we asked our butler, they 100% do not mind what you tip in, we had both, anyway point 5- there is no pressure or obligation to tip in this hotel the staff will still give you amazing service either way! They are so incredible we wanted to tip but don’t feel pressure! 
  6. If you aren’t one to read through things there is a pillow menu, however the pillow on the bed is amazing either way! 
  7. The gym provides earphones if you forget yours, there is yoga daily in the morning, a super mini spin studio in the gym and the equipment in there is pretty up to date! 
  8. The hotel is only 6 years old so everything is quite brand spanking new as far as the lifespan of a hotel goes.
  9. All of the a la carte restaurants are first come first serve so no need to worry about booking, they have a beeper system if you have to wait. You can eat at them all as many times as you want! The sushi is absolutely incredible and I had 3 fillet steaks that week at the grill! Tacos daily on the lunch buffet and the guac is NOT extra and it comes by the barrel! The food is incredible here! 
  10. There is USB connections in the rooms for charging so do not fret if you forget you plug adapters! 

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