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Getting a BOB! 8 reasons why you should!

So I’m guessing you’re reading this because you’re considering getting your hair cut into a bob? It’s a big decision isn’t it, especially if you have adorned long locks for some time! I have to say cutting my hair short was the best choice I have made in some time! Please let me share with… Continue reading Getting a BOB! 8 reasons why you should!

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Evening friends, Just a quick one I’ve been trialling recently- Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss. Now I’m not trying to prove anything groundbreaking as there is masses of content on this out there in the virtual world about this I just want to share my experience without the fluff and facts- if you would… Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

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How To Keep Your Wardrobe Up To Date Without Bankrupting Yourself

My golden rule– if something new comes in, something old goes out. This is the best way to keep organised, save space and get some dollar towards your next purchase by selling the old item on eBay or Depop (or whatever your preferred selling platform is) I know if I haven’t worn something in like… Continue reading How To Keep Your Wardrobe Up To Date Without Bankrupting Yourself

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Travel review: Ikos Olivia

I did a lot of research before booking Ikos Olivia as there’s so much choice out there for all inclusive holidays and hotels and I didn’t wanna be disappointed but I was sold on the 50% discount in the Love Holidays¬†January sale and the 5/5 Trip Advisor rating, not to mention the Trip Advisor list… Continue reading Travel review: Ikos Olivia

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London Luxury on a budget- Eating and drinking

When going to London there are many different places to go and see and sometimes it can be a real struggle to not end up in a chain or a tourist trap if you aren’t familiar with whats going on around you. The struggle is also real when wanting to live the lifestyle of your… Continue reading London Luxury on a budget- Eating and drinking

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The Omni Diet

So after a starting the year so well and shedding like half a stone really quickly from being bang on it with the meal prep and doing classes like every other day minimum it all went a bit wayward as my social calendar started to fill and in came the burgers and booze and buffets!… Continue reading The Omni Diet

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So I treated myself to the red carpet¬†favourite ‘Youthmud’ tingle exfoliate mask by Glam Glow. I heard that the celebs swear by the little jar of magic as their secret weapon to flawless looking skin when they are due in a red carpet situation and needed to give it a go myself. If Jen A,… Continue reading || PRODUCT REVIEW || GLAM GLOW- YOUTHMUD