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I applied for a blogger assignment to test out and give an honest review of Bimuno Daily, IBAID and Travel-aid. After reading numerous studies and articles and seeing the outcome of test results proving that in many cases healthy gut bacteria can be linked to weight and weight loss specifically in how your body can burn fat and its ability to I was very keen to try it! Gut bacteria has many more benefits than just what I have already mentioned, its also linked to a general sense of well being, can reduce anxiety, improve poor sleep patterns too not to mention relieving many symptoms of IBS and digestive discomfort such as bloating, constipation and diarrhoea.

I was sent 3 different products!

First up- Bimuno Daily- Bimuno daily is a sachet which is something that I believe all people could happily fit in to their routine and benefit from. I have many IBS symptoms, regular discomfort after eating certain foods, irregular bowel movement (apologies if TMI) and frequent bloating. I was sent 1 months supply off Bimuno and in this time of taking as religiously as I could (I did miss a few days where I forgot etc) I really noticed a difference in the regularity of my digestive system. In addition to this I have been on a weight loss journey for 4 years now and had recently stagnated my loss. Since starting these my metabolic age significantly dropped (from 39 to 26 FINALLY lower than my actual age) and in addition to my regular calorie controlled diet and regular work outs I shifted the most stubborn half a stone of weight that I had been really holding on to and reached my goal weight. The amount of comments I received about how different my shape looked was unbelievable too considering the lack there of for the first 4 stone it was crazy how many people started commenting. Unfortunately I have no real way of proving that it is solely down to this supplement but it really was the only change that I made to my routine which is and has been quite regimented for some time. I’m 100% going to reorder the daily sachet. Whether it has been responsible or not for the new ease in shifting weight it undoubtedly helped my digestive system which has been a thorn in my side for years. I used it in loads of different ways, by adding it to my overnight oats, by mixing it into my protein shakes, just adding it to water! The only advice they said is to aim to take it around a similar time each day- I opted for morning. Also just a little note these are vegetarian and gluten free however the contain lactose so are not vegan.


IBaid- IBaid is a pastille chewy type sweet which specifically target those with more IBS related symptoms and diagnosed IBS. They are easy to administer into your routine being a tasty chew but unfortunately I didn’t notice a huge difference and I was already experiencing the amazing benefits to the daily sachet! My dad suffers really bad from IBS so I’m going to pass them onto him and see how he gets on!


Travelaid- Travelaid is also a pastille which is designed to help keep your digestion comfortable when traveling abroad when different ingredients and water PH etc can seriously mess with people. You can start taking 7 days prior to travel or when away if necessary. I have just returned from Turkey and did the 7 days before and carried on with my sachets when I was there. Zero issues to report in the toilet department so this one gets a thumbs up from me and is one to consider if your tummy is sensitive to foreign introductions to the diet.


To conclude, Bimuno is a great brand of supplements carefully thought out and although its great the have the IBaid and Travelaid pastilles the daily powder sachet is such a fabulous product that it should cover such a cross section of issues anyone can benefit from it! Find out more on the brand or order yours HERE


Has anyone else tried these and got any thoughts?


Thanks for reading,


H x



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