Mahi Fine Foods Hot Sauce and Marinades

Anyone that knows me or follows my eating habits will know that I have a real thing for making EVERYTHING spicy so when Mahi Fine Foods offered to send me over some samples of their products I was buzzing to try and I told them the hotter the better! Mahi really appealed to me which is why I got in touch with them as all their products are made without any artificial ingredients and preservatives which so many of my beloved are packed with, their packaging is all 100% recyclable, they are going carbon neutral, have a commitment to make all their practices as environmentally friendly as possible and strive for sustainability plus its all made right here in the UK and they have great respect and relationships with the farmers that provide produce. So thats a little background check done and its all sounding great but does it taste good?

They sent me 2 marinades and a hot sauce called Bhut Jolokia, this one was my absolute favorite so it seems like a good place to start.

This little firecracker has already won a good taste gold award and it is HOT! I love it! the heat is intense but not so much that you can’t taste your food and it has a really nice flavour. I have added it into stir fries, chilli con carne, on burgers, used it as a dipping sauce, used it in the base of tacos, put it over my eggs for a little punch, you name it! If you’re a hot head like me just add it into anything! This sauce is an absolute cupboard essential for the chilli lover and now its available in Sainbury’s its accessible for anyone!

I was sent 2 marinades too, one Peri Peri rub and one wing marinade. The Peri Peri Rub is lovely, think Nandos sauces but without half the sweeteners etc they have in theirs, they recommended to marinate before cooking so I marinated my chicken thighs for about 6 hours before I cooked them.

I used an Alice Liveing recipe from one of her books slightly adapted it and I did spicy Mahi chicken thighs with sweet potato wedges and cherry tomatoes. It’s actually really really spicy, but it was delicious! Marinating it slowly really let the flavour soak into the meat and softened the intensity but another time when I coated the meat in the sauce and cooked it straight away with a thick glaze the flavour intensified so theres options.

For my tray bake you need- 1kg of chicken thighs marinated in the sauce, 2 sweet potatoes cut in to wedges, 1 red onion cut into wedges and half a pack of cherry tomatoes, literally lay it all out in an oven proof tray or dish, lightly season and a tiny drizzle of olive oil and bang it in the oven for 45 mins to 1 hr on about 180 degrees. It could not be more simple to cook. Easy, nutritious, delicious and theres usually enough left for lunch so meal prep done for a couple of days!

Then I had the wings marinade which is from the BBQ range and is a medium heat, this still packed a punch but the flavour was much sweeter and lighter than the other one. Im not a huge fan of wings so I went rogue and marinated some turkey breast strips in it and made some wholemeal turkey salad wraps with it and it was lovely. I’ve used all the sauces with turkey as an alternative and it still works just as well. I would love to try them on the BBQ to add that chargrilled sexiness but until we see some sun that will not be happening so watch this space for that follow up!

So all in all, if you are trying to stamp out all those hidden extras you didn’t order from our condiments Mahi is a lovely product from a company with a heart who have complete sustainability engrained into their ethos and now it available in mainstream supermarkets such as Sainbury’s there is no reason to not give it a bash! Especially that Bhut Jolokia sauce, I sprinkle that shizzle on eeeeeeeeverything, seriously get yourself involved in that!

Let me know how you get on!

H x


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