Is Your Pill Working For You? Hormonal identity crisis no more!

Hi all,

I just wanted to revisit a topic I shared some struggles with last year and update you all on some changes I’ve made and what a life change it has been for me.

So, I’m 29, 30 next month, I was put on the pill at 15 to reduce my PMS and calm down my skin, heavy periods etc. I’ve always been on the 21 day pill and have tried a few different brands but predominantly containing the same hormones. Anyway, not sure if you read or not but last year I really hit an all time low with my mental health, I was seriously questioning if I had some far more serious issues and if I could I have an underlying, undiagnosed condition. I was convinced there was something wrong with me. I was peaking from highs to major lows, when I was around my period I would see blind red rage, if I drank around those times I became a spiteful drunk, I lacked motivation and energy, I felt self loathing. It was just so so awful and I needed to do something about it. I went to go and visit my GP and explained how I had been feeling and she said that it was not uncommon and that my pill was no longer a good fit for me and my hormones and suggested I go on the progesterone only pill which you have no break with, I’m on Cerelle.

It has absolutely changed my life, no exaggeration. I have been on it 6 months now and my mood and attitude has been consistently good pretty much solidly and if something makes me mad I no longer feel that stomach turning red bubble of rage, I am motivated all the time (within normal reason) and since changing pill and my hormones being better and having energy 4 weeks a month rather than 2 I have lost over a stone, me and my boyfriend barely argue anymore, I’m a nicer manager at work and all in all my quality of life is so much better. I just feel like a genuinely different person and like I am my best self.

After thinking properly of course my hormones at 15 wouldn’t be the same at 30 but no one GP or family planning had ever urged me to have a review! All women are different so not necessarily this pill or contraception will be right for you but if you are finding any of my struggles sounding familiar please visit your doctor and have a chat because from that day my live changed for the better.

Thanks for reading guys, any questions just ask, H x


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