World Mental Health Day Poem

I went to a poetry writing workshop with @worditrhyme who you can find on Instagram and she taught us the basic structure of writing a classic 12 line poem of 6 couplets in a rhyming style and I wrote one for World Mental Health day. I shared on my stories at the time but I got great feedback so I just wanted to immortalize it over here on my site!


TIA, H xx


I don’t like the things that go on in my head,

some days I struggle to get out of bed

The worry that all of my friends hate me;

from depression, to anger and anxiety

Some days everything can feel so bleak,

I don’t always share incase I seem weak

Sometimes all you need is a friend,

to put your mind at ease whilst you’re on the mend

You may have never felt the same,

so try and be there for another’s pain 

This year on world mental health day…

Remember it’s ok to not be ok!!


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