World Mental Health Day Poem

I went to a poetry writing workshop with @worditrhyme who you can find on Instagram and she taught us the basic structure of writing a classic 12 line poem of 6 couplets in a rhyming style and I wrote one for World Mental Health day. I shared on my stories at the time but I got great feedback so I just wanted to immortalize it over here on my site!


TIA, H xx


I don’t like the things that go on in my head,

some days I struggle to get out of bed

The worry that all of my friends hate me;

from depression, to anger and anxiety

Some days everything can feel so bleak,

I don’t always share incase I seem weak

Sometimes all you need is a friend,

to put your mind at ease whilst you’re on the mend

You may have never felt the same,

so try and be there for another’s pain 

This year on world mental health day…

Remember it’s ok to not be ok!!

Homemade Granola

Hey there folks, welcome to 2019 and although it’s only the 6th I feel very much into the thick of the beast that is January. January is a month for me which always guarantees 2 things- feeling extra squidgy from all the festive overindulgence and feeling extra skint from all the festive overindulgence. Basically Christmas destroyed me. So it’s time for me- with the rest of the nation- to hit the reset button and get back to the healthy life. Homemade granola is great because there really is no set rules on what you put in it, its cheap, its easy and its delicious.

Prep time– 5 mins Cook time– 15-25 mins Serves– Variable

  • Oats- as little or as much as desired- if you are watching calories and portions then I suggest using scales to weigh it out before cooking so you know how many portions you have made
  • Extras- seeds, nuts, dried fruit, other grains
  • honey or maple syrup if vegan
  • I choose Fry Light as a low calorie option but you can use oil
  • Seasoning (optional) such as cinnamon, vanilla extract, cocao powder

You’ll need a flat baking tray and some parchment paper, lay it out on the tray and pre-heat your oven (I cook on about 170 degrees and I am a fan oven user) then just start to build your granola by laying all of your chosen ingredients out on the baking tray, season and then add your chosen honey or maple syrup to bind. On this occasion in the granola photographed I have used oats, quinoa, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, crushed walnuts and cashews, sliced almonds, dried cranberries and raisins. I used honey as my sugar added a tiny sprinkle of salt. I then get a teaspoon and mix it all around the the stickiness of the honey grabs at bits to create those delicious little granola clusters and when you’re happy, spritz with the Fry Light and pop it in the oven. I find with my oven that it can take between 15-25 minutes but keep checking and watch out for the smell as you don’t wan’t to burn it and then after removing from the oven leave to cool before eating so it goes nice and crunchy and the voila, done, serve, eat!!

The options are quite literally endless on what you can do to your granola and how you choose to serve it! I hope you like the recipe and tag my IG handle @misshollyp in you photo comments so I can see yours!

Thanks for reading, Holly x

Getting a BOB! 8 reasons why you should!

So I’m guessing you’re reading this because you’re considering getting your hair cut into a bob? It’s a big decision isn’t it, especially if you have adorned long locks for some time!

I have to say cutting my hair short was the best choice I have made in some time! Please let me share with you why!

1. My hair is the healthiest is ever been- cutting out all of that dead weight and regular trims to keep it blunt just keeps it super good condition and it looks it good condition.

2. Washing my hair is no longer a 2 hour job! I used to have to schedule this is on a day off or a night in and now it a quick and easy task and drying time is literally cut in half!

3. It’s great for the gym and swimming- less hair = more manageable for the fitness fanatic amongst us. No excuse’s about getting your hair wet or getting sweating when a wash and dry is now a half an hour job! You can do it every day if you need to (this was an excuse of mine, I’ve gone to the gym loads more now I don’t have to deal with that chore! Goodbye wobbly thighs)

4. Earrings look epic! The bigger the better with a razor sharp bob! (My personal faves are the H&M tassels but the selection is endless ATM)


5. I just feel like all of my outfits now have more of an edge that my hair is in an actual style, it’s like the best accessory to really set off certain looks!

6. It’s very flattering around the face and can really help to make your face look thinner! Hello cheekbones!

7. It’s very very on trend so if you’re considering it don’t ponder too long! Do it whilst it’s hot! All my fave girl crushes look great in a bob so why can’t you too?


8. It looks fab straight and curly and is quick and easy to style! I’m yet to master beach waves in my hair but I LOVE that look!


I hope I’ve been a help in making your decision! Let me know if you go for it and please SEND PICS 🙂

Thanks for reading!

All my love H x



Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Evening friends,

Just a quick one I’ve been trialling recently- Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss.


Now I’m not trying to prove anything groundbreaking as there is masses of content on this out there in the virtual world about this I just want to share my experience without the fluff and facts- if you would like to find out the scientific stuff click here for a good source.

Since I have started doing this 2 weeks ago I 100% have noticed a difference- on my stomach particularly. I’ve been doing one table spoon in a glass of water first thing everyday but some of the girls at work have been doing it before every meal for an extra kick.

My stomach is my problem area- it’s chubby for starters, bit of a tyre like poodge going on particularly my lower tummy, I get bloated easily, retain water and also sometimes don’t have the most reliable digestion.

Two weeks on and HEY PRESTO I can wear tops tucked into high-waisted skinny jeans! Topshop Joni and Jamie’s specifically!! I have never ever been able to do this before so it has definitely altered the shape of my stomach. I haven’t been doing any ab work as a test- just my normal gym sessions and healthy diet!


I just wanted to share with you if you’re struggling to shift a few pounds or if you wanna crank your diet up a notch- my bottle of Aspalls ACV was like £3 so give it a go folks! I hope you all see the same results!!

When selecting go for raw and unpasteurised and “with the mother”, the Bragg one is very popular but slightly more expensive. Aspalls has done the trick for me! Available at Holland and Barrett, health food stores and most supermarkets but they may not have the variety.

Please let me know your results!

H xx


Katie Loxton: New favourite

So I recently discovered Katie Loxton and her amazingly chic and affordable accessories in Quest Gifts in Norwich. Quest is an independent retailer selling gorgeous gifts, accessories, home furnishings, jewellery and beautiful cards and gift wrap.

I treated myself to a couple of Katie’s stunning bits from her accessories range- the Girly Goodies nude clutch for-wait for it- £15.50 ladies!! And the super cute ‘key to my heart’ key ring for £7.99!! (Pictured below with some of my other hero products)


Her pouches all feature a cheerful little slogan embossed in gold like my Girly Goodies there’s also the likes of “Ooh La La”, “Pretty in Pink” and “Bag of Tricks” giving her bags a unique and fun twist and not to mention affordable enough to get one in every colour to go with every outfit!! And there is the selection to do so too if you have a wardrobe full of colour!!

The fabric is a leather look PU with a similar cross-hatched texture to Michael Kors and Prada bags- which guys let me tell you is amazingly wipe clean because I had a few too many on Saturday night and dropped mine about a million times!! With the key ring in the same finish there’s no messing up that bad boy knocking around in the bottom of my big old handbag. Still looks good as new!! What’s not to love??

Well if bargain premium quality accessories weren’t enough she also makes candles and reed diffusers too in lush scents also featuring those convivial little messages. I haven’t tried these yet but the home range looks just as special!!


My whole experience was left nothing short of luxury when my items were beautifully wrapped and I was given an official Katie Loxton bag shopping bag (pictured below) too which was a nice finishing touch and really gave it that premium edge!


Go check it all out! Quest have stores in Norwich, Holt and Bury St Edmunds to visit or you can go check out the woman herself on her official website and bag yourself some treats of your own!


Has anyone tried the home ranges? Or got some favourites of their own? I love my bag to match my favourite Dune Cliopatra shoes <3


Thanks for reading, Holly xx