Homemade Granola

Hey there folks, welcome to 2019 and although it’s only the 6th I feel very much into the thick of the beast that is January. January is a month for me which always guarantees 2 things- feeling extra squidgy from all the festive overindulgence and feeling extra skint from all the festive overindulgence. Basically Christmas destroyed me. So it’s time for me- with the rest of the nation- to hit the reset button and get back to the healthy life. Homemade granola is great because there really is no set rules on what you put in it, its cheap, its easy and its delicious.

Prep time– 5 mins Cook time– 15-25 mins Serves– Variable

  • Oats- as little or as much as desired- if you are watching calories and portions then I suggest using scales to weigh it out before cooking so you know how many portions you have made
  • Extras- seeds, nuts, dried fruit, other grains
  • honey or maple syrup if vegan
  • I choose Fry Light as a low calorie option but you can use oil
  • Seasoning (optional) such as cinnamon, vanilla extract, cocao powder

You’ll need a flat baking tray and some parchment paper, lay it out on the tray and pre-heat your oven (I cook on about 170 degrees and I am a fan oven user) then just start to build your granola by laying all of your chosen ingredients out on the baking tray, season and then add your chosen honey or maple syrup to bind. On this occasion in the granola photographed I have used oats, quinoa, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, crushed walnuts and cashews, sliced almonds, dried cranberries and raisins. I used honey as my sugar added a tiny sprinkle of salt. I then get a teaspoon and mix it all around the the stickiness of the honey grabs at bits to create those delicious little granola clusters and when you’re happy, spritz with the Fry Light and pop it in the oven. I find with my oven that it can take between 15-25 minutes but keep checking and watch out for the smell as you don’t wan’t to burn it and then after removing from the oven leave to cool before eating so it goes nice and crunchy and the voila, done, serve, eat!!

The options are quite literally endless on what you can do to your granola and how you choose to serve it! I hope you like the recipe and tag my IG handle @misshollyp in you photo comments so I can see yours!

Thanks for reading, Holly x


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