The Omni Diet

So after a starting the year so well and shedding like half a stone really quickly from being bang on it with the meal prep and doing classes like every other day minimum it all went a bit wayward as my social calendar started to fill and in came the burgers and booze and buffets! Goodbye diet, hello some of those pounds lost.

I was kind of not really too bothered as it was cold and sitting on my bum watching tv and eating cake seemed preferable to going to the gym in the snow and eating raw kale for lunch. When I was having on of these said couch potato days I came across a show on channel 4 called “how to lose weight well”.  It’s on the All 4 player and is so worth a watch- I binged every episode season 1 and 2!!


In a nutshell each episode puts 6 diets into practice on real people dieting for real occasion on different time frames.  Over the many episodes I watched the diet which stood out to me the most was The Omni Diet which the girl who did it lost a stone in 2 weeks!! I thought to myself “I can do that”.

I’ve been on a relatively clean eating diet plan for around 3 years now since I first had a personal trainer and I know that I enjoy that kind of food and I lost 2.5 stone from the start of my journey so for me the omni diet really was a case of cutting out the dairy, bread, grains, gluten etc.

Now I can’t necessarily guarantee how long I could sustain this for or how good for you it would be long term but this week I can assure you my cravings for sugar are reduced, I have been getting much fuller much quicker and I haven’t really missed the dairy at all! After doing it just for 7 days in the lead up to a work trip I can confirm I lost 6lb in one week, it works.

The diet itself main structure is a 70:30 ratio of plant based foods vs protein. It promises a weight loss of up to 12-15 pounds in 2 week, health benefits from the intake of the plant based foods, improved digestion, anti inflammatory properties and reduction of bloating. So instead of 5 a day I’m talking like 10 a day!!! It was created by Tana Amen who is a registered nurse and bachelor of science in nursing and she believes that this diet not only changes your body and eating habits but your mind too. You can read more about Tana here

The diet itself is pretty strict and could end up quite pricey if you are doing it completely by the book as all meat should be lean naturally raised and all seafood wild-caught which would be preferable in an ideal world so  I have adapted it to suit me and really embody the key principles of the diet and steer clear of anything on the don’t list which you can read a handy summary here

I also used my fitness pal to track the calories and nutritional values which really helped and the diet was averaging about 1000-1200 calories a day.

I thought I would just share some of the meals and snacks I have been having which I found really quick, easy and tasty. I worked with the eating sequence of breakfast – snack – lunch – snack- dinner – snack.

Everyday for breakfast I had a green smoothie which I make out of a frozen mix I get from Aldi for £1.99 for 6 portions. They do an exotic one too, these are great if you are skeptical about having loads of fresh food around and an unpredictable schedule. It has a little banana in it which is on the no list but I figuered it shouldn’t hurt so…Coconut water, green mix (kale, mango, banana and lemongrass) blitzed in a Nutribullet. Nutritious, delicious. Other ideas include poached eggs and salmon, spinach, avocado, poached eggs and tomatoes and any combo of the above. img_3042

Morning/afternoon/ evening snacks– berries, almonds, carrot/celery/pepper/cucumber sticks, hummus, cold cuts of beef or turkey.


Lunch– a little repetitive but on the go and at work it was just super easy, I would cook up a load of kale and frozen peas, let it get cold to use as the base greenery for my salad (you could also use any salad leaves or spinach for this too), I would add cherry tomatoes, tinned sweetcorn, cucumber, sometimes avocado, olives, artichokes, beetroot the options are endless and then normally a tin of tuna to finish it off with a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Turkey breast and chicken breast work great too. I know that cheap tuna is a no no from Tana but to keep it affordable I have just used whatever meat and fish I can get my hands on.img_2872

Dinner– A staple meat or fish- turkey breast, chicken breast, steak, cod or salmon (you get the idea) a load of veg for my 70% so like asparagus, kale, broccoli, mange tout, mushrooms (high in protein and totally fills you up) and the beauty of this diet too is that you CAN have sweet potatoes! So a baked sweet potato with salad and tuna is not off the menu either (just sadly no butter allowed)


To cook everything I have tried to steam, boil or dry bake as much as I can or eat raw so I really can truly track what I’ve eaten.

All in all a really good diet, I am definitely gonna do another couple of weeks when I get home as it truly did work and anyone trying to push for a last couple of weeks for an occasion or holiday I thoroughly recommend it. I wasn’t starving on it, i think I was getting all the nutritional quality I needed and it has changed how I look at food in terms of discipline.

Advice- definitely keep a food diary, be prepared- make it in advance, have the ingredients you need to make it a success, drink a lot of water and try to enjoy it!

Thanks so much for reading! I’ll let you know of any future success I have! Any readers thinking or trying this diet? Or already tried it?

Love H x




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