So I treated myself to the red carpet favourite ‘Youthmud’ tingle exfoliate mask by Glam Glow. I heard that the celebs swear by the little jar of magic as their secret weapon to flawless looking skin when they are due in a red carpet situation and needed to give it a go myself. If Jen A, Jay-Z and Miley are fans I wanted to give it a go. It’s been around Hollywood for a few years now and is probably old hat for those in the know but Glam Glow was recently bought by Estee Lauder companies and as I work for a sister brand now was definitely my time to try.

I bought the full size 50g jar, this comes in at £39 from Glam Glow directly or you can get it for other official distributors too. There is a also a travel size option for those on the go or wanting to try first.


I opened it up and trust me even the weight of the jar feels luxurious! It came with few clear and simple instructions to stir it when you first open it and to apply even over the face and wash off after 10 minutes. Simple!

I got straight to it! Now the actual appearance of the mask isn’t pretty and you can see a few of the key ingredients that its made up of clearly- volcanic rock which I believe contributes to it’s colour, French sea clay which is the main consistency and then green tea leaf which you can see the little pieces of leaf in the mask.


So as instructed I applied a thin layer of the mask all over the face and the first thing I noticed was the – as stated on the box- tingling sensation. For me this excited me hugely because I love when you can feel something taking effect, as the formula dried and set it was feeling noticeably tightening which again is a beneficial feeling like its making all those little lines disappear.


So tick tock ten minutes later and it’s removal time! I used cool water and just my hands and it comes off like you are doing a routine exfoliation so that extra texture just buffs away and remaining dead skin cells. As soon as my skin was clean I could feel the mask had given instant results as it felt super silky soft. I inspected it very closely and I do think that my pores looked more refined too. I know that this is a once or twice a week treatment so will look forward to the more long time effects also which can include reduction of fine lines and resurfacing so the removal on light sun damage and pigmentation may be on the cards too!!

Shortly after using the mask I applied my make up as usual and my skin had definitely adopted and more radiant bright finish and my make up sat just beautifully and I sure as hell felt glowing and ‘camera ready’.


Even 2-3 days after each morning when I wash my face my skin still feels so lovely and soft so this mask is definitely one I’ll continue to use in my routine. The price point does make it less affordable that some of the more drug store brands but if you are a fan of luxury or looking to splash out I would definitely recommend it. As I said they also do a travel size for around £14 if you fancy taking it for a more financial risk free test drive.

I’m now excited to try more things in the glam glow range!! Has anyone tried any of the other masks or products? Or had amazing results with this one? I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for reading,

H x





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