||REVIEW|| Tient Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation by Lancome

So there is only one reason why I tried this foundation when I heard the hype on the shop floor at work and that was to prove that cushion foundations are stupid and a gimmick. Oh how wrong I was. As you can see I bought it and I am in love with it. Now, working in beauty I don’t get a whole lot of time outside of my working week to wear anything more than the products that I’m contracted to wear by my company, so for me to pay full price for this- which I rarely ever do for anything- that really is saying something.

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Purchase, price, packaging-

I went over to my Lancome counter and I colour matched myself as there are only 9 shades and I went for an 02 Beige Rose as I am quite fair. You can buy the insert for £19.50 or with the compact holder together for £30. I went for both as I felt you do really need it and it makes it feel that more special and luxurious but it is the only initial extra cost the first time, this also makes it cheaper if you’re someone who tans easily  or fake tans to have multiple shades. When you buy the refill it comes in a packet that you just clip into the compact really easily. This is their second cushion foundation and learning from their first it now has a filter beneath the top cushion to ensure good distribution of product and to prevent drying out.


Application, coverage and finish 

The idea of that ‘pat, pat, pat/ tap, tap, tap’ patient and gradual application was something that me-the girl permanently in a rush- couldn’t stomach; however is really isn’t as time consuming as I had envisioned. The sponge is conveniently sized the same as the cushion so you’re covering a decent amount of surface area of the sponge and the sponge has a little loop on the back so you can slip your fingers through the back. IMG_1123

It’s a really build able coverage that you can wear light or heavier depending on your desired look but regardless of how much you put on I have found that it feels totally weightless. It has a really lovely finish too, it has a really lovely flawless luminosity despite it being oil free. I myself am extremely combination and it does last the majority of the day even without powder, although powder does increase its longevity (I use the Estee Edit Flash Photo Powder.) I have tried it on my friends with more dry and dehydrated skin and it still looks great but not as glowy and also on my 59 year old mum and it looked fab on her too- I used just a light layer.

Favorite things

I love that its in such a handy compact so I can touch up throughout the day and make the biggest difference to my makeup whilst still only using a clutch bag.

I love that its SPF 50 pa+++, it’s rare to find a full coverage foundation with a protection that high


At a Glance

Coverage- Full

Shade Range- 9

Finish- Satin/ Luminous

Application- Compact

Price- £30 with compact/ £19.50 Refill

Key features- SPF50 pa+++ and Oil- Free



The finished look



Has anyone else tried this foundation and loved it?

Thanks for reading,


Love Holly xxx


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