Almond Extension Perfection

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to splash out and treat myself to some full on gel extensions as the days of wishing my nails would grow naturally into the desired length and shape were becoming more frustrating as all they seem to do is break. I made myself an appointment to go and see Chris of sketch nail design at the brand new a prestige salon The Edge. Featured in the ‘one-to-watch’ Union building The Edge offers a new dimension to Norwich beauty with its minimalist modern and stylist furniture (oh so insta-worthy), panoramic city skyline views and laid back atmosphere.

I got myself ready to go teaming the hat and leather jacket combo to combat the rainy August day.


On arrival I noticed the reception looked incredibly premium and brand new with integrated screens and clean white surfaces and seating , it defintiely offered a great first impression. The Edge salon is on the 4th floor so I made my way up there. There’s lots of work going on in the building as the building is still in development but don’t let this put you off as soon it’ll be one of the places to be with the first Norwich rooftop bar and restaurant coming here soon.

When I walked in the salon I instantly fell in love, the furnishing was just up my street. I love big airy open places particularly with natural light and The Edge is definitely not short of that with its huge Windows and panoramic views!

Chris used to do my nails when he worked in Jarrolds and this is the first salon that had been a good location for me to get to so my long wait to be reunited with his talents was finally over! I picked myself a colour (N93) and we got started, he started by getting the tips and glueing them to my natural nails- for those extension sceptics gel extensions don’t require filing into your nail- the next step was to create the perfect almond shape which Chris did perfectly! Following this because this is a sculted gel extension he created the shape and thickness with a clear gel which is cured first….


I actually kind of liked it like this but hopefully you can see the strength and thickness from the photo. After this stage there was more filing to make the shape even more perfect before the colour was applied and cured. The colour application is the quickest part and gives the lovely shine too! He used The Gel Bottle shade N93 which I had spied on his Instagram! Colour cured can only mean one thing…. Voila!

I love them! The look so perfect! The whole process took a couple of hours but 2 weeks later and they’re still looking pretty spectacular AND these bad boys you can infill too!

Thank you so much Chris for your precision and being a perfectionist! Go check him out ladies on Instagram @sketchnaildesign and @theedgenorwich

Thanks for reading!

Has anyone been here or have any stars of their own nails to share?

Holly xx


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