Cocktail Delivery Services

In lockdown we have seen some great things came out of small businesses. As most of you know I am a seasoned cocktail lover and occasional low key alcoholic (joke) and many cocktail delivery services have become available so I’ve put together a list with some short roundups of what’s available in and around Norfolk and many nationally too!!

With the 10 pm curfew putting people off either going out at all or making it very difficult to carry on the party, organisation is key these days if you want to get your groove on past 10:15pm. You can find out below where you can get your favourite cocktails premixed with fresh and quality ingredients and deliver to your door so you can carry on your party all night long with top quality, bar grade drinks.

Arboretum- The weird and wonderful Norwich bar/ antique shop with dead and living animal menagerie are offering selections of the unique, old world cocktails for collection, local and national delivery! Locally delivery can be the same day if ordered before 6pm- for the spontaneous among us. To collect this will be organised during opening times of the bar, be careful as you may leave with more than anticipated as everything in this crazy place is for sale, so a penchant for antiques and taxidermy might get you shopping!  These guys offer the service Tuesday-Saturday. Your drinks menu comes in select boxes, choose from…. gin box, scotch box, sour box, mixed box, sweet box, Navy rum, English vodka, berry, floral, wine and non-alcoholic. 3 x 200ml bottles of curious drinks to be consumed within 3 days. Prices start at £14 per box! Huzzah- check in our here.

Tipsy Jar- The lovely team of Laura and Ellie have created a lovely business of mixologist designed and premium quality cocktails which deliver locally and national. With a menu which is constantly being updated with fresh ideas and flavors to suit the seasons, the loyal and regular customers will never get bored if you like to mix it up and try new things! The design of the concept is that you receive you jar and your garnishes, including ice, you shake in the jar and serve to perfection in your favourite glass. The national format differs slightly where your liquid will be in a sachet and of course ice would melt in the post but these gals have thought of it all, whether you are drinking locally to Norfolk or further afield. They aim to ship all orders with in 2 working days, expect delivery within 3-4 working days. Any orders placed after 12pm Thursday will be shipped Monday to maintain freshness and delivery nationally in £6.50. If you are local, local being post codes NR1-NR14 then delivery is just £2.50 to your door! Tipsy Jar are operational Tuesday to Saturday and you can even order up to 5pm for same day delivery! As soon as you’re ready to drink follow the instructions and enjoy! Drinks can be stored for up to 7- 14 days! I have sampled many and I love the twists on the classics for a signature style. Fancy this one? Tip use code 3FOR30 Browse and order here

Edmunds- Edmunds are a stunning Suffolk based brand, with a belief that you can enjoy a top quality cocktail from home with minimal effort. These are available nationwide for £3.95 delivery. Pick from 1 litre of your fave cocktail for a party or night in, a mixed box of 6 x 100ml bottles or 6 of the same! These babies are bottled and made with sustainability at the forefront of their ethos and at £23.95 for a box of 6. You get the garnishes in the beautiful little box with the drinks, all you will need is a cocktail shaker and ice! Because of how this brand is packaged I really feel it would be a lovely gift, it’s extremely tasteful with a neoclassical design and looks really artisanal. Click here to take a look!

The Globe Trotter  This team started off with their beautiful horse box bar which is available for event hire and to be honest were probably the first people I came across locally offering fresh, mixologist quality cocktails, made ready for home consumption. They offer a selection of classics and originals in variable sizes from 500ml all the way up to the big daddy 5 LITRE – GIMME GIMME- If orders come in for Uk deliveries they send out the next day after ordering and that usually is a 4-5 working days delivery time, although next day can be an option. Local deliveries can be booked in and often they accept same day deliveries if placed in the morning. Locally there is a £5 delivery fee on anything Nr14 and further. The super strong cocktails over 20% you can keep for up to 30 days unopened and the lower % drinks up to 2 weeks, drink within 4 days once opened, posted Mon-Sat (the following day after you place the order), local delivery is  Thursday – Sunday! I sampled the Vanilla and Passionfruit Martini which is delicious and also the super strong Lychee Martini which was must to my liking at 22%. Thirsty? Order here

Cocktail Canaries-  Another great local business which I’ve not actually had the pleasure of trying personally but I have gifted to a friend, these guys offer a local delivery service of fresh bottled cocktails from 6 classics and 1 Norfolk special with a delivery radius of Norfolk (NR1-NR14, NR24-NR28 Surrey (KT1, KT10, KT12, KT13) which the heritage Norwich canary as their namesake, but this team have now branched out into bottled cocktails for national delivery and postbox cocktail pouches too! I’m loving the sound of the Jaffa Cake Negroni and the Honeycomb Old Fashioned! delivery from £3.50 for standard and more for next day and guaranteed and local delivery is free!!! Boom- get it here!

So who loves cocktails? They make a night right? So whatever tier you’re in, get an order in and plan you next great night in!

Thanks for reading,

H x

*Tipsy Jar, Arboretum, Edmunds and The Globe Trotter previously provided PR Samples to try not connected to this article.

Escape Hunt UK- Norwich

There’s a brand new escape room that has opened up in Norwich!! Escape Hunt UK is the new addition to Norwich’s entertainment scene and has a variety of games to get the mind boggling and ignite all your puzzle busting skills!

Escape Hunt started in 2013 and now has over 40 locations in 17 different countries hosting over 250 games! 

At our site in Norwich we currently have 3 classic physical escape rooms- Alice in Puzzleland, Aladdin and Our Finest Hour and 2 virtual reality games Mission Sigma and Survivor. I was lucky enough to be invited to to try out both formats so I can share with you and hopefully answer any ponders you may have if you’ve been considering an escape room have felt unsure. 

So, the physical escape room I tried was Alice in Puzzleland, I don’t want to give anything away but just some insight about what to expect. So the max group size is 6 people and you have 60 minutes on the clock so solve all of the puzzles to get out of the room. Every escape room has a different plot and all the puzzles will be unique! You can expect to problem solve, code crack, solve cryptic clues and riddles and more! It’s great fun, amazing for team building and is really eye opening between friends. One of my favourite things about it is seeing how differently your brain works to your friends and where your different strengths lie to get to the end result, team work is required and working together is a must! 

In the room, you have no phones, there is a connection to ask the host for clues if you are getting really stuck and of course you are not actually locked in, so if you have any claustrophobic fears you can get out so do not worry! 

The room which I did was so well done, fun, imaginative and fantastical. The BEST thing about escape rooms though (especially this year), is that WHATEVER you have going on, whatever is on your mind, you really can’t do anything other than focus on what you are doing so it really is a very welcome break from reality for 1 hour! I can’t wait to go back and try the other rooms. We did escape in 49 minutes (no thanks to me I don’t think though)! 

Next up, I tried the virtual reality game! Myself and 2 friends played the game Survivor, the format is different to the physical escape room and is literally like being in a video game! So again for up to groups of 6, you enter into a large area where you VR headset and have 2 hand held joypads/controllers which are secured around your wrist. Before the actual game begins you have a tutorial to get to grips with the controls and then you’re off! Again the games are timed for 60 minutes and the game that we played was a task based RPG, it was so fun! We didn’t manage to complete, we managed 60% which wasn’t amazing but we were proud, as non-gamers it did take us a few minutes to warm up but it did not compromise the fun AT ALL! 

As a general activity the team are really committed to the safety of customers with excellent procedures in place for covid with masks mandatory for all guests and staff, an extremely clean setting and lots of cleaning and santiser available. 

Prices start at £20 per person on groups of 4-6 for physical games and £25 per person for physical games of groups 1-3 and all Virtual Reality games. All games also are for ages 8 and up so great fun for all the family!

So what are you waiting for? Go and test you puzzle busting skills with some buddies! 

Have you done an escape room before? Did you get out? 

H x