Escape Hunt UK- Norwich

There’s a brand new escape room that has opened up in Norwich!! Escape Hunt UK is the new addition to Norwich’s entertainment scene and has a variety of games to get the mind boggling and ignite all your puzzle busting skills!

Escape Hunt started in 2013 and now has over 40 locations in 17 different countries hosting over 250 games! 

At our site in Norwich we currently have 3 classic physical escape rooms- Alice in Puzzleland, Aladdin and Our Finest Hour and 2 virtual reality games Mission Sigma and Survivor. I was lucky enough to be invited to to try out both formats so I can share with you and hopefully answer any ponders you may have if you’ve been considering an escape room have felt unsure. 

So, the physical escape room I tried was Alice in Puzzleland, I don’t want to give anything away but just some insight about what to expect. So the max group size is 6 people and you have 60 minutes on the clock so solve all of the puzzles to get out of the room. Every escape room has a different plot and all the puzzles will be unique! You can expect to problem solve, code crack, solve cryptic clues and riddles and more! It’s great fun, amazing for team building and is really eye opening between friends. One of my favourite things about it is seeing how differently your brain works to your friends and where your different strengths lie to get to the end result, team work is required and working together is a must! 

In the room, you have no phones, there is a connection to ask the host for clues if you are getting really stuck and of course you are not actually locked in, so if you have any claustrophobic fears you can get out so do not worry! 

The room which I did was so well done, fun, imaginative and fantastical. The BEST thing about escape rooms though (especially this year), is that WHATEVER you have going on, whatever is on your mind, you really can’t do anything other than focus on what you are doing so it really is a very welcome break from reality for 1 hour! I can’t wait to go back and try the other rooms. We did escape in 49 minutes (no thanks to me I don’t think though)! 

Next up, I tried the virtual reality game! Myself and 2 friends played the game Survivor, the format is different to the physical escape room and is literally like being in a video game! So again for up to groups of 6, you enter into a large area where you VR headset and have 2 hand held joypads/controllers which are secured around your wrist. Before the actual game begins you have a tutorial to get to grips with the controls and then you’re off! Again the games are timed for 60 minutes and the game that we played was a task based RPG, it was so fun! We didn’t manage to complete, we managed 60% which wasn’t amazing but we were proud, as non-gamers it did take us a few minutes to warm up but it did not compromise the fun AT ALL! 

As a general activity the team are really committed to the safety of customers with excellent procedures in place for covid with masks mandatory for all guests and staff, an extremely clean setting and lots of cleaning and santiser available. 

Prices start at £20 per person on groups of 4-6 for physical games and £25 per person for physical games of groups 1-3 and all Virtual Reality games. All games also are for ages 8 and up so great fun for all the family!

So what are you waiting for? Go and test you puzzle busting skills with some buddies! 

Have you done an escape room before? Did you get out? 

H x