Nibble Protein Bites Review

I have been trying out a new brand which I came across on instagram, when I discovered their profile they just stood out from the rest and seemed really interesting to me! Nibble Protein Bites The lovely folks sent me over all their flavours to try out! The thing that stuck out to me that this brand was going to be very different to any of the other ‘health snacks’ and protein and energy products on the market which are gluten free, vegan etc etc was that product contains 1/2 – 2/3 less sugar than the majority of the markets competitors. That’s pretty impressive stats! But how are they doing it? Well for starters these little bites are date free, almost ever other product I have trialled of a similar concept has contained dates, yes most of us love natures gooey, yummy caramel but dates are notoriously high in sugar! Nibble protein bites are sweetened with anti-oxidant dried plum puree and low GI coconut blossom nectar! Fancy eh? So a different type of natural sustained energy release than you may have tried before! Nibble are so proud of their product spec that I even got a fantastic comparison chart included with competitor info! Nibble’s contain just 15% sugar per 100g when the nearest competition is Bounce Bites at 26% and the highest Nakd Cocoa Mint bar at a huge 45%! With 24g of protein per 100g too and the calories at about average of most brands wouldn’t you agree it’s all sounding pretty good, but the question is….do they stand up to the taste test?

These are the 7 different flavours that I was sent and they have just launched gingerbread as an 8th, so there’s something to suit most palettes and I have to say some more unusual combinations which is good to see. My top 3 picks were – in reverse order – Choc Walnut Brownie- I adore walnuts and I loved the little chunks of nut in each bite, Lemon with coconut- gorgeous, light, citrusy and refreshing and then the winner *drum roll please* was Choc Orange Brownie! How these do not have more sugar in is beyond me! They are delicious like a real treat or dessert!


If watching sugar is something you are trying to monitor, you need a quick pick me up on the go, you like to have a pre of post gym protein fix or you just love trying healthy snacks this brand is for you. If you fancy getting you hands on some here ‘s a list of stockists! 


Gluten Free

Date Free

High Protein 

Fibre Rich

Low Gi 

Have you tried these guys? Why not hit up their instagram and check out what they’re up to… @nibbleprotein or click here 


Thanks reading!

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