Tea+ Drinks Gym Bunny Tea Bundle Review

Hey lovelies,

I was fortunate enough for the very kind people at Tea+ Drinks to send me a sample of their Gym Bunny bundle of super teas! This was made up of a box of their Boost tea and their Detox tea! As a drinker of green tea around the clock I was definitely excited to try these!

With absolutely loads of essential vitamins and herbs on top of the classic green tea these little bags of magic are something to definitely take seriously!

Perfectly paired the boost and detox tea work hand in hand for pre and post workout, just for a little pick me up throughout the day or to help you out Monday morning after a heavy weekend! So if you’re not a gym goer it doesn’t mean this isn’t for you as who doesn’t need a little boost in the mornings?

Boost tea has a delicious natural flavour of raspberry and pomegranate and this energizing super tea is packed with over 50% of your RDA of 9 of your daily essential vitamins!  To mention a few the ever important B vitamins are the ones which help regulate energy, look after your brain function, eyesight and much much more and vitamin C too! Perfect to start your morning and get you going, to give you an energy kick pre gym or just to be enjoyed to prevent that mid afternoon slump. I’ve also not managed to drink a cup yet where someone hasn’t commented on how delicious is smells (and I’m vouching that the taste is just as good!) I definitely noticed the added benefits to my normal off the shelf plain green tea and I incorporated this into my fast paced on the go routine. I can say I certainly felt more of a general sense of wellbeing. You can buy these on their own too if you don’t fancy a bundle! I’ll link where to buy at the end!

The you have the magical apple and blackcurrant Detox tea! So this little one actually has the best caption on the back as photographed! So obviously the tea gave me the go-ahead to go and party hard to put it to the test!

Kidding, kind of, but seriously after a very very boozy Saturday I’ve dedicated my hot beverage consumption to this tea since then to in their own words ‘bring back my body to a temple’ (God please do hangovers really last this long when you’re approaching 30?) And I have to say I did feel a difference! Back in my party girl days I used to take milk thistle capsules which help repair the old liver so the fact that its packed into this team along with vitamins C and B and other lovely functional herbs is a great thing as you’re getting everything you need all in one place!

After posting this on my Instagram Monday morning (prime time for all my fellow weekend warriors to feel filled with regret on route to work) I had an overwhelming influx of messages from people loving the idea and where could they get it, we all need a little help sometimes don’t we?

All sounds pretty positive right? Well it is, there is nothing I haven’t enjoyed about my Tea+ introduction! Coming in at £3.69 a box for 15 bags or £13.50 for a bundle of 4 boxes it’s obviously not the cheapest tea (not how much I drink anyway) but I know I will definitely re-buy it as I have felt it is most definitely worth it and it is different! I might stick to just one of these special teas a day and keep on my normal tea to fill the gaps but its a product that looks, tastes and will leave you feeling great!

They also do 2 other blends too, Immunitea and Multea and you can check out their website HERE as they do a good choice of tailored bundles to suit your needs and you can read all about this great brand and maybe even order some too! (Did you know these guys won over the Dragons on Dragon’s Den as well!)

If you don’t fancy ordering online then they are also for sale in hundreds of Holland and Barrett stores across the country or if you click HERE theres a handy map so you can check out where’s closest to you to grab a box or 2!

Thanks so much for reading! Has anyone else tried these? What are your thoughts? I can’t wait to try the other 2 now!

Holly x


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