Sweet Potato Toasts

Hey there folks,

I saw on an Ashy Bines Facebook video these sweet potato toasts and she made it look so easy I thought I would give it a go. I did a savory one and a sweet one so I had a couple of attempts.

Now as somebody that really struggles with bread and gluten and anything wheat based in general I have to make the choice of sacrificing toast (because

lets face it I’ve not found a decent store bought gluten free bread that doesn’t fall to bits- please enlighten me) or eating it and having a very painful tummy ache, many trips to the ladies and a good few days of bloating. I thought this looked perfect!

I started by taking my sweet potato and cutting into slices about 1-2mm in thickness. I tried cooking these in 3 different ways, Ashy did it in the toaster, this did not work for me but if you have a more powerful toaster you may be ok, under the grill from raw (turning regularly) and lastly and most successfully and the quickest I microwaved the slices for a minute and then grilling (also turning regularly)

After this for this particular dish I tried a microwave poached egg hack- half a cup cold of water in a mug, drop in the egg in and cover, microwave for 1 minute….. Worked ok but prefer the traditional method personally, good if you are in a rush or limited on cooking appliances.

I then finely chopped up half and avocado, jalepinos and cherry tomatoes, seasoned with chili flakes and black pepper… and applied all to my 2 pieces of sweet p toast! It was pretty delicious too!!

Then the sweet course…..

For my second trial I used the microwave then grill method on my sweet p and I applied a decent spread of Meridian peanut butter and applied some blueberries and sliced strawberries and it was delicious!!


Has anyone else tried these?? I feel brimming with ideas of different concoctions! These can be so easily adapted for a vegan diet, or the meat lover too by adding and removing and always nutritious and gluten free!!

What have you tried or feel free to make a suggestion for me to try!

Thanks for reading,


H x


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