Jive Kitchen opening! Mexican Street food in Norwich

I went to the opening night of Jive Kitchen last week. It’s gone into the old spot that was Le Bistro on the corner of exchange street which is a top notch location with a nice view over the iconic Norwich marketplace. Mexican food and generally anything edible with a kick of spice is right up my street so when I heard about the couple that are behind Jive Kitchen, who picked up their love of the cuisine from their travels in Mexico and combined that with existing chef skills- I had to be one of the first to check out what they had done to the place.

On entering I saw something so eye-catching that I have never come across before and the had used pennies to decorate the stairs as you go up to the restaurant.  thrifty and decorative way to empty your piggy bank but seriously in the candlelight it was very very effective. img_1350

When we got inside we were welcomed with either a glass of Prosecco or a margarita, the anticipated launch was clearly very popular and both floors of dining barely had a spare chair with lots of guests standing too. Clearly this was the place to be-the newest addition to the Lanes area of the fine city. Me and my OH took a spot at the bar to soak up the atmosphere, get a F-row view of the cocktails being made and in a hope to be first in the rotation of mini Mexican canapés as the came down the stairs. (L-R Pork crackling with guacamole, mini beef soft shell tacos, refried bean cakes)



We had a few drinks while we were there and tested out their lager choices (We had Modelo and Corona), tried a full size Margarita and cracked open their gold patron which they introduced a new twist of shooting with a lick of chipotle tabasco before. They were the biggest shots I’d ever done so by this time after just a few bite size nibbles I was pretty half cut!



The decor is the rustic distressed look with exposed brick walls, raw wood tables and cracked paint walls and woodwork with industrial style hanging bulb lighting which does suit the place and gives it a warm vibe.



I’m looking forward to revisiting now they’re officially open to try a full meal, you can take   a ganders at the menu HERE!! Good luck to guys behind this, I hope they see great success, I love Norwich for having so many unique independents, it keeps it special. I’m sure I’ll be a frequent visitor as my new work place in a few weeks Jarrolds is dead opposite.

Has anyone tried the main menu themselves? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!

Love Holly xx


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