Jimini’s edible insects! Bon Appetit!


So my latest post is a slightly different subject matter to what I usually write about but when I started to talking on twitter to Jimini’s (twitter: @jiminisFood) I thought ‘Hey, I’ll try anything’

For some time now I’ve been aware that eating insects has been very popular and a standard element of the menu in Asia and there had been recent whispers that this niche snacking choice could potentially be the latest foodie trend to hit the UK too, so as a lover of all things a bit different and a lust for being ahead of the game I grabbed this opportunity. Raphaelle who I had been in contact with via e-mail was kind enough to send a selection of products from paprika grasshoppers and soya mealworms to all the flavours of energy bars they make!!

So to get a really good view I set out with testing the mealworms and grasshoppers as nibbles to have with having a few vinos with my family.


The meal worms were my preferred choice of the 2 and both of them had a real crunch to them, my boyfriend really liked them and sat happily munching away and my young cousin thought that the idea of eating bugs was very cool but for me the fact that they look like what they are I did struggle to get over. I think that these would appeal to people maybe well travelled, kids and be great for parties looking for a twist with the buffet.

What I really wanna focus on though is the fruit protein bars!!


These are made with cricket flour which is 60% protein and these are great. Think Nakd bars and Trek bars but with more fruit and a really generous amount of nuts for energy. They really are nice. Coming currently in 4 flavours, apple & cinnamon,  apricot, goji and chia,  dark chocolate and fig,  bananas and dark chocolate. All coming in at under 200 calories and packed with nutrients and antioxidants, high in fibre, not to mention dairy free and gluten free along with organic they are the perfect pre/post workout choice, great for a snack or as breakfast on the go. They are full of flavour and do not taste packed with artificial sweeteners and flavours like some fruit bars do. They taste fresh! Look out for these bars because I love them! All products are made in France at Jiminis HQ! Currently stocked in Selfridges if you fancy grabbing yourself some and be sure to check out the Jimini’s site too (jiminis.com) although at the moment you’ll need to be a dab hand at French, I’m just happy looking at the pictures!


Has anyone else been lucky to try any of Jimini’s delights? Or tried insects in general? Thanks again to the folks at Jimini’s for letting me try your products!

Love Holly x


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  1. February 1, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    If you want to make a try of edible insects from Micronutris, they(re delicious, organic and raised in France ! 🙂

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