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On Sunday the 10th of July the Norwich Bloggers invited me to come along to one of their networking events for bloggers in Norwich and surrounding areas,  I was actually there working, representing my company Benefit Cosmetics who are hugely into networking with bloggers and influencers and building on their social media following because they are a brand that do not pay for advertising. I arrived at around 1.30 ready to get started for the bloggers arriving at 2 and set my little area up with a table bursting with goody bags supplied by the company. There was lots of other brands there too from Lisa Angel, Neals Yard, Exposed brushes, The Curl Company, FYFO, Arbonne, White Rabbit Gifts, Jarrolds and Courteney who is one of the Norwich Bloggers founders doing gel nails for everyone free of charge. The event had such a great vibe, a real sense of community amongst like minded people who share a passion. The was no rivalry at all and everyone was just so kind and interesting to talk to and offer advice to each other. The was a huge range of subject matter across the attendees too with a strong beauty leadership but also lots of lifestyle, fashion, fitness, cooking, crafts and motherhood too!

In our Benefit goody bags everyone got a super cute passport holder and mini Lollitint, along with the details of the blogging scheme that Benefit has started for bloggers to be able to sign into a portal designed exclusively for them to be in with the chance to receive products to review and demo and info about events and launches! For more info feel free to get in touch!

Goody bags galore!

Goody bags galore!

Almost all the brands and businesses had something great to offer and the generosity was astounding from the gifts and goody bags provided. I just had the dream of starting a blog in the back of my mind at this point but after meeting some girls I can hopefully now call friends I just knew this world was something that I was dying to be part of and here it is becoming a reality. Norwich Bloggers is a such a great was to unite and meet people and the girls behind it Courteney, Justine and Hannah are incredibly proactive at doing lots of events and getting people together. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend the next event as a blogger <3

Supplying delicious sweet treats at the events the had Milk and Moss Coffee who had made the most amazing vegan and gluten free cupcakes with super adorable Norwich Bloggers toppers! They were amazing and as someone who doesn’t do well with wheat it was a real treat to be able to enjoy a cake worry free!!



Are you local to Norfolk and like the sound of this kind of event? Does anyone else have groups like this in their home town or have any amazing events they’ve attended? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading, let my journey commence.

Holly  x




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