Miss Holly P is a personal written beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. Holly is a 28 year old Business Manager for a make up counter in Norwich. She is a VTCT qualified make up artist and has worked in the beauty industry for over 5 years and does freelance makeup in her personal time (service price list in beauty menu). She has done events with bloggers through work over the years and was inspired to start her own after meeting other local bloggers in the summer of 2016. All opinions and reviews are that of Holly’s and are completely unbiased and honest. In the case that a business, brand or company would like to supply products to be featured or reviewed it we be stated clearly in the related post. Holly does not like to build any negative relationships and will only feature products that she would like to promote and that she believes in with passion, if this is not the case she will simply not agree to review but would never draw any negative attention towards a product.