My name is Holly, I’m a late twenties girl from Norwich who is on a journey to become the best version of myself. I’m a reformed party animal and mischief maker surprising myself and making personal achievements daily. Join me on my path to discover self confidence, a passion for fashion and learning about all things healthy!


In the last 3 years I have lost the best part of 4 stone, learnt so much about nutrition, landed the job of my dreams from a lot of hard working and a bit of risk taking, had the confidence to wear a dress bare-legged (now my thighs no longer chafe) and not feel terrified of taking a full length picture. I’ve learnt to accept what I’ve been given and love it, fallen in love with the gym and exercise and completely reprogrammed my brain and its relationship with eating. I’ve got into serious debt and got out of it again, learnt ways to live the life I desire on the budget I have and adapt that to my lifestyle and all of its surroundings. Lastly I love to make things beautiful, my home, myself and most importantly other people. I work full time as a manager and make up artist of a beauty company and freelance also.

Join me in my stories and hopefully you can pick up some tips and tricks on the way 🙂


All opinions and reviews are that of my own and are completely unbiased and honest. In the case that a business, brand or company would like to supply products to be featured or reviewed it we be stated clearly in the related post. I do not wish to build any negative relationships and will only feature products that I can believe in, if this is not the case I’ll simply decline to feature.