How To Keep Your Wardrobe Up To Date Without Bankrupting Yourself

  1. My golden rule– if something new comes in, something old goes out. This is the best way to keep organised, save space and get some dollar towards your next purchase by selling the old item on eBay or Depop (or whatever your preferred selling platform is) I know if I haven’t worn something in like 6 months (or sometimes ever) it’s time to go

2. Be patient– if you love something in a shop and think it’s a bit steep take a photo and do some research when you get home. Can you find a discount code online? Do they do student discount and you have a buddy that can hook you up on NUS or Unidays? Failing that on eBay for factory seconds- this works a lot for me with Topshop. Also look second hand, even if something is new in a store someone somewhere has bought it, worn it and selling it. Just be patient and search the selling sites. I nearly always find what I’m looking for.

3. Know exactly what you’re looking for– if you’re buying online and you have an item in mind don’t give up after one search. Just because you describe something one way doesn’t mean that the person potentially selling your dream item does. You may call it a shirt but do they call it a Blouse, a top, a tee? You call it leopard print do they call it cheetah or animal? You get what I’m saying. Be meticulous with it and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

4. Know when the sales are and don’t be shy to ask– if you want something and it’s super pricey and seasonal the chances are it will get reduced. Sales assistants are so helpful in letting you know when sale starts and if you save the code you can try snag the second it goes live online from the comfort of your sofa if you don’t fancy challenging the sales crowds. I managed to save £305 on my Mulberry Delphie just by having a chat with the staff.

5. Don’t be afraid to haggle– buying vintage or online from eBay/ depop etc- i.e not from a chain shop- don’t be afraid to ask them to lower the price. Trust me when you sell the hagglers come out so you gotta do it back! Drop a message and stare your ideal price, if you have had your eyes on something and it’s not gone if you’re asking a reasonable price you’ll be bound to strike a deal. If it’s something way in demand and sold out in stores then you probably can’t haggle as the seller is savvy and looking to mark up due to the mass need.

6. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket– be prepared to splash for some things but go budget elsewhere. You’ll get much more for your money if you don’t try to shop solely designer or even totally Topshop as it gets pricey very quickly and lets face it we all have responsibilities. A combo of different stores, a little designer, a little vintage, a little high street, a little discount and a little second hand is the perfect combo to guarantee a unique look which will be fresh, tailored to you and won’t break the bank!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope these tips help! Do you have any top tips?

Happy shopping!

H x



So I treated myself to the red carpet favourite ‘Youthmud’ tingle exfoliate mask by Glam Glow. I heard that the celebs swear by the little jar of magic as their secret weapon to flawless looking skin when they are due in a red carpet situation and needed to give it a go myself. If Jen A, Jay-Z and Miley are fans I wanted to give it a go. It’s been around Hollywood for a few years now and is probably old hat for those in the know but Glam Glow was recently bought by Estee Lauder companies and as I work for a sister brand now was definitely my time to try.

I bought the full size 50g jar, this comes in at £39 from Glam Glow directly or you can get it for other official distributors too. There is a also a travel size option for those on the go or wanting to try first.


I opened it up and trust me even the weight of the jar feels luxurious! It came with few clear and simple instructions to stir it when you first open it and to apply even over the face and wash off after 10 minutes. Simple!

I got straight to it! Now the actual appearance of the mask isn’t pretty and you can see a few of the key ingredients that its made up of clearly- volcanic rock which I believe contributes to it’s colour, French sea clay which is the main consistency and then green tea leaf which you can see the little pieces of leaf in the mask.


So as instructed I applied a thin layer of the mask all over the face and the first thing I noticed was the – as stated on the box- tingling sensation. For me this excited me hugely because I love when you can feel something taking effect, as the formula dried and set it was feeling noticeably tightening which again is a beneficial feeling like its making all those little lines disappear.


So tick tock ten minutes later and it’s removal time! I used cool water and just my hands and it comes off like you are doing a routine exfoliation so that extra texture just buffs away and remaining dead skin cells. As soon as my skin was clean I could feel the mask had given instant results as it felt super silky soft. I inspected it very closely and I do think that my pores looked more refined too. I know that this is a once or twice a week treatment so will look forward to the more long time effects also which can include reduction of fine lines and resurfacing so the removal on light sun damage and pigmentation may be on the cards too!!

Shortly after using the mask I applied my make up as usual and my skin had definitely adopted and more radiant bright finish and my make up sat just beautifully and I sure as hell felt glowing and ‘camera ready’.


Even 2-3 days after each morning when I wash my face my skin still feels so lovely and soft so this mask is definitely one I’ll continue to use in my routine. The price point does make it less affordable that some of the more drug store brands but if you are a fan of luxury or looking to splash out I would definitely recommend it. As I said they also do a travel size for around £14 if you fancy taking it for a more financial risk free test drive.

I’m now excited to try more things in the glam glow range!! Has anyone tried any of the other masks or products? Or had amazing results with this one? I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for reading,

H x




Getting Into the Beauty Industry

Well friends I have intact not disappeared off the face of the planet I got myself a new job as the Retail Manager for MAC Cosmetics and given the time of year I landed myself slap bang in the middle of the silly season so have either been working hard or sleeping since my last post! The last few months have been an amazing rollercoaster and I definitely couldn’t be happier in my new role and I’ve only just got started!


I thought I would just give a little bit of info on the recruitment process to get a job with MAC which is quite similar for many other premium cosmetic brands as I get asked all the time how to get into it. For anyone thinking of trying to get a job within the industry this (or something very similar) is the standard procedure.


First you would apply online and fill out an application form or drop in a CV, secondly you would usually get invited in for an interview for management expect management questions relating to business and your team and for artist and brand consultants expect more trend and inspiration questions and customer service style questions, if you are successful at this stage you would then be offered a make-up trade test (or dependent on the brand usually some kind of practical stage.) This is your chance to show you have the skills required for the job- A clear strong technical ability but also to be able to comfortably engage with your customer and build a good rapport. For this stage you are required to bring a model and your own brushes (any brand.)


After this dependent on your position (but at management always) you will generally be invited in for a store approval if the brand send you forward which is the stores chance to see if you are the correct fit and find out what they wish to about you too. This stage is still quite interview like (again all my retail roles have been at management level so I imagine are slightly more formal than other roles) so be prepared. For my first job as a cosmeticAccount Manager I turned up with my passport and national insurance number thinking that it was just a formality and I got the shock of my little life at the time. Lesson learned.

If you are looking to enter at management level don’t be shy before your interview and store approval to go and ask for information relating to the business to prepare you, think about a SWOT analysis so you have some material and think about not only how you would manage the business for the customer but also for your team too, think like a gardner with a garden of seeds you want to grow into beautiful flowers.

For my trade test I took my mum. I was asked to create a base look so I chose products I knew would work for her but I also went by the information I got from her during my investigation about her skin and her preferences. Asking the right questions as a make-up artist I believe is one of THE MOST important elements of your service whatever scenario you’re in. This was you are building the picture in your head of what you want your end result to look like from what your client has told you. Don’t ever be shy to dig deeper as no two people are the same and this is tailored to them for their needs with your expertise to recommend the right products. Try not to ask closed questions either as you will get less information. This entire process was timed, I can’t remember exactly but I think I had 5 minutes for consultation/ investigation and I think 20 minutes for the whole base I included everything skincare, primer, foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer and highlighter. Then after this stage she asked me to finish off with a bold lip which I believe I was given 5 minutes for. The whole process is conducted by a trainer and I had to travel to Cambridge for. I was quite nervous to begin with but she was just so lovely as were the team in store I felt right at home. My feedback was provided after the day by the area manager.

I can’t recall if I was asked to wear all black or whether I did out of choice but as a very trend-focused company you most definitely want to show your sense of style. I also made sure my make up was totally different to my interview too to show I’m not a one trick pony. Super important. BE YOURSELF. Mac is a brand which prides itself on ALL AGES. ALL RACES. ALL SEXES and they completely embrace diversity. One of the many reasons I’m so happy to be there <3


If anyone is thinking of joining the cosmetics industry good luck and feel free to get in touch for any advice or questions. This is my sixth year in beauty retail management and I have worked for a variety of brands and store groups and I have lots of experience in applying for roles and in recruiting across different positions so hopefully can answer most questions.

Thanks for reading and being so patient in my break!

Love Holly x

||REVIEW|| Tient Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation by Lancome

So there is only one reason why I tried this foundation when I heard the hype on the shop floor at work and that was to prove that cushion foundations are stupid and a gimmick. Oh how wrong I was. As you can see I bought it and I am in love with it. Now, working in beauty I don’t get a whole lot of time outside of my working week to wear anything more than the products that I’m contracted to wear by my company, so for me to pay full price for this- which I rarely ever do for anything- that really is saying something.

IMG_0815 (1)

Purchase, price, packaging-

I went over to my Lancome counter and I colour matched myself as there are only 9 shades and I went for an 02 Beige Rose as I am quite fair. You can buy the insert for £19.50 or with the compact holder together for £30. I went for both as I felt you do really need it and it makes it feel that more special and luxurious but it is the only initial extra cost the first time, this also makes it cheaper if you’re someone who tans easily  or fake tans to have multiple shades. When you buy the refill it comes in a packet that you just clip into the compact really easily. This is their second cushion foundation and learning from their first it now has a filter beneath the top cushion to ensure good distribution of product and to prevent drying out.


Application, coverage and finish 

The idea of that ‘pat, pat, pat/ tap, tap, tap’ patient and gradual application was something that me-the girl permanently in a rush- couldn’t stomach; however is really isn’t as time consuming as I had envisioned. The sponge is conveniently sized the same as the cushion so you’re covering a decent amount of surface area of the sponge and the sponge has a little loop on the back so you can slip your fingers through the back. IMG_1123

It’s a really build able coverage that you can wear light or heavier depending on your desired look but regardless of how much you put on I have found that it feels totally weightless. It has a really lovely finish too, it has a really lovely flawless luminosity despite it being oil free. I myself am extremely combination and it does last the majority of the day even without powder, although powder does increase its longevity (I use the Estee Edit Flash Photo Powder.) I have tried it on my friends with more dry and dehydrated skin and it still looks great but not as glowy and also on my 59 year old mum and it looked fab on her too- I used just a light layer.

Favorite things

I love that its in such a handy compact so I can touch up throughout the day and make the biggest difference to my makeup whilst still only using a clutch bag.

I love that its SPF 50 pa+++, it’s rare to find a full coverage foundation with a protection that high


At a Glance

Coverage- Full

Shade Range- 9

Finish- Satin/ Luminous

Application- Compact

Price- £30 with compact/ £19.50 Refill

Key features- SPF50 pa+++ and Oil- Free



The finished look



Has anyone else tried this foundation and loved it?

Thanks for reading,


Love Holly xxx

Almond Extension Perfection

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to splash out and treat myself to some full on gel extensions as the days of wishing my nails would grow naturally into the desired length and shape were becoming more frustrating as all they seem to do is break. I made myself an appointment to go and see Chris of sketch nail design at the brand new a prestige salon The Edge. Featured in the ‘one-to-watch’ Union building The Edge offers a new dimension to Norwich beauty with its minimalist modern and stylist furniture (oh so insta-worthy), panoramic city skyline views and laid back atmosphere.

I got myself ready to go teaming the hat and leather jacket combo to combat the rainy August day.


On arrival I noticed the reception looked incredibly premium and brand new with integrated screens and clean white surfaces and seating , it defintiely offered a great first impression. The Edge salon is on the 4th floor so I made my way up there. There’s lots of work going on in the building as the building is still in development but don’t let this put you off as soon it’ll be one of the places to be with the first Norwich rooftop bar and restaurant coming here soon.

When I walked in the salon I instantly fell in love, the furnishing was just up my street. I love big airy open places particularly with natural light and The Edge is definitely not short of that with its huge Windows and panoramic views!

Chris used to do my nails when he worked in Jarrolds and this is the first salon that had been a good location for me to get to so my long wait to be reunited with his talents was finally over! I picked myself a colour (N93) and we got started, he started by getting the tips and glueing them to my natural nails- for those extension sceptics gel extensions don’t require filing into your nail- the next step was to create the perfect almond shape which Chris did perfectly! Following this because this is a sculted gel extension he created the shape and thickness with a clear gel which is cured first….


I actually kind of liked it like this but hopefully you can see the strength and thickness from the photo. After this stage there was more filing to make the shape even more perfect before the colour was applied and cured. The colour application is the quickest part and gives the lovely shine too! He used The Gel Bottle shade N93 which I had spied on his Instagram! Colour cured can only mean one thing…. Voila!

I love them! The look so perfect! The whole process took a couple of hours but 2 weeks later and they’re still looking pretty spectacular AND these bad boys you can infill too!

Thank you so much Chris for your precision and being a perfectionist! Go check him out ladies on Instagram @sketchnaildesign and @theedgenorwich

Thanks for reading!

Has anyone been here or have any stars of their own nails to share?

Holly xx