Hormonal Identity Crisis

My fellow ladies,

Does anyone else totally lose their shit when it’s that time of the month?? Back in the day when our sisters from the past were being put into asylums when they had PMT if I was around I would’ve been the first. I’m horrendous, like the worst. And I can’t stop. It’s horrible, like clockwork every 4 weeks you can guarantee some kind of breakdown. I’m not talking your usual PMT (don’t get me wrong, I get that too) but I feel such a lost and loathing feeling about ones self.

Like being bloated, with limp hair and a spotty face and retaining loads of water like a JCB tyre round my middle isn’t bad enough but they are all just these little catalysts that contribute to the absolute HATRED that I feel about myself for at least 1 week a month. I feel like I don’t know who I am, what I like, what I want, what will cheer me up, I wanna be anywhere but where I am and nowhere at all! I feel like I’m too old for some things but too young to be a real grown up! I’m so short fused and genuinely can’t see it or detect it, it makes me feel pretty low and unbalanced. It’s too much!! Normally I’m a very positive and confident girl! Kind of take each day as it comes and embrace it so this is like a total flip.

Now I’m not suggesting that I’m ugly or fat (I mean I could do with losing a few extra pounds) but at this time of the month I would if given the option rip my own skin off!! It’s such an awful inferiority complex that all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that in the 7 days of hell I don’t damage my self-esteem too much! It’s no fun being a girl sometimes!

1 week a month is 12 weeks a year! I spend a quarter of my year in an absolute state of hormonal disarray! Does anyone else feel like this? Or has anyone else had these struggles and found anything that really helps? I’m no good to anyone in these times and need to find an alternative to my bed and Netflix being my safest compadres!!

I’d be so grateful for anyones thoughts!

Counting down the days here…H x

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